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Celebrate my success story as an Adplist UI/UX design mentor. Join me on a transformative journey through 100 impactful sessions. Explore inspiring stories of mentees from around the world. Unlock your design potential with personalized mentorship. Read more on my blog and start your path to success today.


Hey there, my dear visitors! I’m Mostafa, a Seniro UI/UX Digital Product Designer who has been on an incredible journey of impact and growth. Today, I want to share my story with you, as it’s a tale of passion, mentorship, and the power of connections. So grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let me take you through my personal journey of mentoring 100 talented UI/UX designers on the remarkable platform called Adplist.

100 mentorship sessions achievement adplist design mentor mostafa khaled

100 mentorship sessions achievement adplist design mentor mostafa khaled

100 mentorship sessions achievement adplist design mentor mostafa khaled

Chapter 1: Discovering My Love for Mentorship

Once upon a time, in the vast world of design, I found myself yearning for something more meaningful. Yes, my career was going well, and I had the opportunity to collaborate with big names in the industry. But deep down, I knew there was something missing. That’s when I discovered my love for mentorship – the joy of sharing knowledge, empowering others, and witnessing their growth.

Chapter 2: The Serendipitous Encounter with Adplist

As fate would have it, I stumbled upon a hidden gem called Adplist. It was like stumbling upon a secret garden of talented designers from all corners of the globe. The platform became my gateway to making a real difference in the lives of aspiring designers. Little did I know that this encounter would shape my journey in the most incredible ways.

Chapter 3: Nurturing Dreams, One Designer at a Time

With newfound excitement, I dived headfirst into mentoring aspiring UI/UX designers. From portfolio reviews to career guidance and project support, I offered a range of personalized services. Each interaction was a chance to unlock the hidden potential within these talented individuals. We shared stories, exchanged ideas, and embarked on a journey of growth together.

Chapter 4: Milestones and Celebrations as a Design Mentor

The journey was not without its milestones. I still remember the day I officially joined Adplist as a UI/UX design mentor, back on April 9, 2021. Since then, it has been a whirlwind of accomplishments. In just the first six months, I mentored over 1,020 minutes across six countries, forming connections that transcended borders. And the numbers kept growing. By the end of 2021, I had dedicated more than 35 hours to mentoring design sessions for over 63 mentees spanning 10 countries. It was an exhilarating experience to witness their progress firsthand.

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Chapter 5: Voices of Gratitude

The true measure of my impact lies in the voices of those I’ve mentored. Their words of gratitude and appreciation echo in my heart. Let me share a few testimonials from designers whose lives I’ve had the privilege to touch:

  • Amal from Jordan: “From the moment we connected, he radiated kindness and genuine care. He didn’t just offer guidance; he provided me with practical steps tailored to my needs. What truly blew me away was his generosity in offering even more assistance than I could have imagined. Can’t wait for our future sessions together!”

  • Rania from Egypt: “Mostafa’s mentorship has been a game-changer for me. He genuinely cares about my growth and offers practical advice that has shaped my career.”

  • Shaikh from India: “I’m forever grateful to Mostafa for his patient guidance. He helped me overcome challenges and showed me the path to success.”

Chapter 6: Leaving a Lasting Impact

As I reflect on my journey, I’m humbled by the impact I’ve been able to make on the Adplist platform. Through my dedication, I’ve become one of the top contributors in Egypt, actively engaging with designers at all levels. The connections I’ve forged and the knowledge I’ve shared have become a part of a collective movement to uplift the design community.


Dear friends, this is my story – a tale of finding purpose and making a difference through mentorship. If you’re an aspiring UI/UX designer yearning for growth, I invite you to join me on this incredible journey. Let’s unlock your full potential together and create a lasting impact in the world of design. Remember, the power to shape your future lies within you. Together, let’s write your success story!

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If you’re eager to delve further into product design or in need of career advice, I am available for complimentary mentorship sessions on ADPList. Don’t hesitate to get in touch for evaluations of your portfolio, guidance on your career path, assistance with projects, or to explore potential collaborations.

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