Get mentored on adplist by a senior product designer mostafa khaled mkryad.

I have become a design mentor on as part of the global design community with designers from Facebook, Google, IBM, Amazon,…those looking for product design mentorship and give back to the community.

My Expertise is focused on the main three points where I can share knowledge on it perfectly and logically.

Career Advice
Improving Skills

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Founded in 2020, ADPList’s mission is to democratize mentorships for all. We're a platform for people to find, book and meet mentors around the world.

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It’s completely free — we want to keep mentorship accessible for all. We also recommend you read our community guidelines to best understand our rules.

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From 24/7 support and our helpful Mentor team on Slack, socials, and education, we’re invested in your success. We provide the best tools from scheduling to reviews for mentors to give back.