I help companies define, design and launch world-class digital products.

Work experience

Senior UI/UX Product Designer


Apr 2021 – Present – 1 yr 1 mo, Egypt

Directly collaborated with CEO, CTO, and the Business team to solve app usability problems and translate user research findings like needs into usable features.

Main Tasks: user research, ideate, design, test, and iterate.

Senior User Experience Designer


Oct 2021 – Present – 7 months, Remotely

Working with the tech/product team on building solutions for Mythod VC clients like ( Exploriee, Bayn, Sahem …etc). 

Main Tasks: Requirements validation, Market research, Ideation, Build Prototypes.

Digital Product (UX/UI) Designer


Sept 2020 – Apr 2021 – 8 months, Egypt

Directly collaborated with CTO, and Product team to transfer business requirements into usable products.

Main Tasks: Wireframing, Building prototypes, Market Research, Testing, Iterate.

mkryad - Senior Product Designer
mkryad - Senior Product Designer
UI/UX Designer (Digital Product Designer)

Digital product designer with experience in defining, designing, and launching high-impact products. based on a mix of comprehension skills & great interest in (Business Development, Visual Design, Coding, and product management),

my work range starts from planning and concept building, passing through wireframes and prototyping, ends with creating a strong visual design and interactions.

Serial Entrepreneur

I built a number of startups, some of them sold and other closed, 1 of them raised a fund and others didn’t publish to users … but overall I learned a lot and looped the circle of taking an idea to read product many times passing by Business models, market research, business validation and more …

I’m preparing a lot of case studies just wait for it, the website will be here soon

Challange lover

Definition of a challenge changing from mindset to another but however the meaning of challenge for you, there’s some of it here between my stories about facing days …

raising from nothing even if about traveling or self-learning challenges are a lot and every one of us is a challenger that’s what I believe … my stories are in preparing right now and it will be live here with the website very soon.